Why Did Jaguar Stop Using Hood Ornaments?

Leaping Jaguar hood ornament on Jaguar XF

Remember the golden days of having a Jaguar car with a hood ornament? It’s one of the most popular signs of a throwback, a Jaguar driving down the road in Bel Air, and you see the signature Jaguar hood ornament. So, why did Jaguar remove hood ornaments? It’s all about a new era in automotive manufacturing, emphasizing aerodynamics, and how the vehicles are engineered. 

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Jaguar Hood Ornament History

When it all started, most cars had hood ornaments. Why is that? It’s because older cars had a radiator cap located at the front of the hood, and the hood ornament was put on top of the radiator cap to make it look more appealing. Not to mention another way to add your flare to your luxury vehicle. It wasn’t long before this became a huge part of the Jaguar hood ornament history.

When Did Jaguar Stop Using Hood Ornaments?

Jaguar hood ornaments got phased out in the last two decades for multiple reasons. To start, the radiator cap was re-engineered and placed under, removing the need for a Jaguar hood ornament. Also, people’s preferences in cars have changed, causing hood ornaments to go out of style.

Hood ornaments became risky due to theft! People wanted hood ornaments for themselves and didn’t want to spend the money, so they were often stolen. To avoid having to repay and have it installed, some drivers stopped buying Jaguar hood ornaments.

Lastly, European car regulations changed and hood ornaments were forcibly phased out because of another risk they pose, pedestrians getting hit by cars.

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