How Much Does Charging an Electric Car Cost?

Electric Car Charging Cost Info from Jaguar Los Angeles


Are you thinking about purchasing an electric car like the Jaguar I-PACE in the Beverly Hills area? You’re likely wondering, “How much does it cost to charge an electric car?” You will save money by paying for electricity, rather than paying for fuel in a gasoline-powered vehicle. Learn about the cost to charge an electric car at Jaguar Los Angeles and feel free to contact us if you have any questions! While learning “how much does it cost to recharge an electric car,” you can go one step further and find out what electric vehicle tax incentives are available when you make a purchase!

See How Much it is to Charge an Electric Car at Home

How much does it cost to charge an electric car at home? When you’re using your electric vehicle home charging port, here is how you can calculate an approximate cost per mile or per “fill up”:

  1. Know your electricity rate at home. The average rate for Bel Air houses is around $.183 per kWh (as of February 2019), while the national average of electricity rates is $.136 cents per kWh, but you can look at your most recent electricity bill to get a more accurate number.
  2. Know your vehicle’s kWh/100 mi rate (kilowatt hours per 100 miles). You can find this information by searching for your vehicle’s make, model, and year at
  3. Multiply the two rates. For example, the new Jaguar I-PACE gets 44 kWh/100 mi. If you multiply that by .183 (for the average electricity rate of $.183 per kWh), you’ll find that it costs $8.052 to get 100 miles of charge. According to, this means you’ll save $2,500 over five years in fuel costs compared to the average new vehicle.

To save even more: some utility companies will offer smart electric meters to homeowners. If you charge your vehicle during the discounted Time of Use rates, you can save money when charging at home!

How Much Does It Cost to Charge an Electric Car in Public?

Are you wondering how much does it cost to recharge an electric car at a public location? Even though drivers will find a lot of free options for public charging stations in places like hotel parking garages and store parking lots, there are more private companies establishing charging networks with different payment options for drivers. These rates are typically higher than at-home charging options:

  • Per kilowatt-hour (not all states permit this type of pricing–California is one of 15 states that do allow it): could range around $.40 – $.80 per kWh
  • Per minute (often rounded up to the nearest 30-second interval): usually less than $.10 per minute
  • Per charging session: Around $10 per session or less
  • Other: Some companies offer a monthly subscription system, some will have a system where you pay a flat fee for a certain number of hour-long charges, and others will have an hourly rate that is added up at the end of the month.

Find Your Next Electric Vehicle at Jaguar Los Angeles

After learning how much does it cost to recharge an electric car, we want to help you find the model for you. When you are ready to take home a luxury electric vehicle to Los Angeles, peruse our inventory to find an all-electric Jaguar I-PACE for sale at Jaguar Los Angeles! If you’re ready to buy an electric vehicle, apply for financing online.

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