2019 Jaguar I-PACE Reviews

November 5th, 2019 by

Jaguar I-Pace
As the automotive world continues to present electric options, the Jaguar I-PACE finds itself a well-deserved place amongst the innovative electric vehicles. Without compromising unmistakable Jaguar design, the award-winning I-PACE is a proud electric model with two electric motors and a 90kw lithium-ion battery, giving it a substantial 234-range. It’s no wonder that drivers and experts alike are praising its capability and true EV spirit. Read on below to see why the auto industry loves the I-PACE, and why you’ll undeniably be turning heads in Los Angeles when your new I-PACE is charging in your driveway.


When the team at MotorTrend got behind the wheel of the sleek 2019 I-PACE, they acknowledged that it really is “the first car to challenge Tesla’s hegemony in the premium electric vehicle segment.” And it’s not just the noteworthy range that made the Jaguar I-PACE impress Motortrend experts and deem it a “legitimate alternative to the Tesla S.” They additionally noted:

  • “It’s quiet and quick… but what was also noticeable was a lovely fluidity to the chassis, steering, and powertrain.”
  • “Some electric cars we’ve driven have a determinately digital demeanor; the refined and composed I-PACE feels organic and natural.”

Kelley Blue Book

After a drive in the new Jaguar I-PACE, Kelley Blue Book reviewers said the Jaguar I-PACE “puts the emphasis on ‘sport’ in sport-utility.” They detail many of the I-PACE model’s features like its “cab-forward design,” and “low center of gravity” as proof of the Jaguar focus on sport. Kelley Blue Book also states that the I-PACE gives a:

  •  “…tremendous sense of command over the road ahead.”
  •  “…quick off the line, extremely quiet…regenerative braking to not only help stop the vehicle, but also sharpen handling.”

The I-PACE has the technology, control, and efficiency Beverly Hills drivers are looking for from an electric vehicle.

U.S. News

The praise continues with what The U.S. News industry experts had to say about the 2019 Jaguar I-PACE. For example, they state right off the bat that this EV “is is an excellent luxury electric SUV,” whether you consider the electric aspect or not. They continue:

  • “It’s a fun-to-drive crossover and one of the most well-rounded electric vehicles you can buy.”
  • “Finding fault with the I-PACE[ ] performance requires heavy nitpicking.”


Edmunds.com joined in the symphony of positive sentiments, noting similarly to Motortrend that its “the first luxury electric vehicle to truly challenge Tesla.” They also go on to rave about the drivability and performance features of the I-PACE:

  • “With a combined total of 394 horsepower, the I-PACE can do 0-60 mph in just 4.2 seconds. The immediacy of power delivery means it feels even quicker during real-world driving.
  • “The I-PACE is big enough inside to seat four adults comfortably and it still provides the fun-to-drive nature you’d expect from Jaguar.”

Test Drive the I-PACE at Jaguar Los Angeles

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